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Hulorg is a group of people whose got what it takes to turn your computer skills into a career. Yes, that means we have the ability and services to start a college students’ future. With over 20 clients working worldwide, Hulorg’s mission is to provide the public with the resources and education to start their own business. Hulorg is a community and not a business. We don’t intend for you to pay for the services we provide. We are mainly aiming for college students who have a interest in computers or are majoring in the computer field. However, we are not closing our doors to people who are not that skilled yet. For that reason, we hope you join our community and enjoy the live community.

How it works:

First sign up below and tell us your knowledge or interest about anything computer related. Examples include, website designing, computer programming, graphic designing, database designing, mobile app designing, animations, and more. Then, once our team members have a gist of what you know, we can link you with another member within our community. For example, lets say you are a graphic designer and you need a computer programmer to finish your project. Hulo links you and the computer programmer so you two can collaborate and finish your project.

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